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On scene with "Fifteen;" a Wis. short film


Cornucopia Wisconsin has less than 100 people who live in the town year round. 

In the summer, it's a tourist attraction that will now become the backdrop for a new film. 

"It's a coming of age story about a 15-year-old girl figuring out love for the first time," said Kara Hakanson. 

Hakanson, a Baraboo Wisconsin native, is the writer, producer, and main character in the short film "Fifteen."

She says the reason she picked the quaint town is because of family ties. 

"My Grandma was born and raised here, so I basically spent half my life here.  My aunt and uncle still live here so it's close to my heart. I have a lot of memories here."

The tight-knit community is helping her make more memories and set the scene for the love story. 

"Kara asked me if she could use this as her space for filming," said Owner of Lost Creek Adventures Outfitters, Greg Weiss. "We have boats in the back, I know she wanted to film around the boats because there is a lot going on with kayaking in the area and also inside the shop." 

"Justine at the coffee shop has been great, she's been supplying coffee and hot water and pastries for us in the morning. Everyone has been eager to help in anyway that they can," said Hakanson. 

The film crew will be along the South Shore until Friday. 
Hakanson hopes to have the film ready by November. 

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